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Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

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1. Spitfire

2. Girls Feat. The Ping Pong Bitches

3. Memphis Bells Feat. Princess Superstar

4. Get Up Get Off

5. Hot Ride Feat. Juliette Lewis

6. Wake Up Call Feat. Kool Keith

7. Action Radar

8. Medusa's Path

9. Phoenix

10. You'll Be Under My Wheels

11. The Way It Is

12. Shoot Down-Feat. Liam Gallagher (Vocals) & Noel Gallagher (Bass Guitar)


Amazon.co.uk Review

Masters of reinvention, rave stalwarts The Prodigy have undergone another remarkable facelift for their fourth album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. For band leader Liam Howlett, this mutation was less about ambitious experimentation and more the result of crucial damage control: the band's disastrous 2002 comeback campaign, spearheaded by "Baby's Got a Temper" found the band stagnant and on the verge of self-parody. Howlett's response was to scrap the sessions, hunker down with a laptop and hammer out an album that held spontaneity as a virtue. And while the old touchstones--the propulsive breakbeats of old-skool hip-hop, the brooding menace of punk-rock and acid-house--are all here sporting a fresh chrome gleam, here they're joined by new influences: everything from crunk hip-hop to Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" bubbles beneath the surface of "Girls". Maxim and Keith Flint are absent, replaced by a bizarre roll call of stars--Liam Gallagher, Juliette Lewis, Twista--and obscurities… anyone remember the Ping Pong Bitches? Not that it matters: this is Howlett's album, and whether he's rewiring Shocking Blue's "Love Buzz" as Middle Eastern-tinged acid techno on "Phoenix" or clashing with Kool Keith on "Wake Up Call", he sounds back on top of his game. --Louis Pattison

Full Review to Follow

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Well this album is officially released next week, i however have had a copy of it since the beginning of august, thanks to my mate Liam (Vache)


Its also been reviewed in numerous papers, and they have not been good.


The critics say that prodigy are a spent force, and considering the downturn in popularity for dance music over here, they may be correct, but this is THE PRODIGY we're talking about here.... they have an enormous cult following, the sold out two shows in dublin already for december this year.


Since the prodigys most successful album, Fat of The Land in 1997, they haven't done much, they've all been involved in pet projects, but this album does NOT feature either Keith Flint, or Maxim... just a few celebs, this album is all about Liam Howlett.


7 yrs between albums is a very long time, what the hell do we expect from this? Its first cut was rumoured to have been rejected by the Record Company, but who knows.


I know when i hear about Prodigy i expect to hear big hiphop orientated beats, agressive bass lines, catchy vocal loops,and overall punk influence.


This is a different venture, not necessarily worse, but different...


For me the stand out sounds on this album are Spitfire (Opening Track), Girls (First Single), Hot Ride, The Way it Is (Featuring what definately sounds like a Thriller sample with the most agressive bass imaginable, Action Radar, and Shoot Down (possible single)


I'd give it three stars outta five, its no Fat of The Land, or Jilted Generation, but it is still The Prodigy.


And roll on december when i get to see them live for the 5th time!

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I got the chance to listen to a copy IC burned for me a while ago, I managed to listen to it once before my car was broken into and all my burned CDs were stolen ( the 1st time they broke in, they took all my originals ).


Yeah, it was defenitely something different. A lot of quality songs there but so different I would have made 2 or 3 albums of them. I feel like im listening to pieces of different albums. A serious lack of cohesion between the songs. The Experience had astounding sequencing, its sad to see this one fall short. It does raise my hopes up of having one of the greatest artists I listen to going back to the drawing board and creating music. I can only hope for another album in 2 years, and not seven :D


They would never set foot in Florida would they :D

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