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Re:Gangster movies

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I hear rumors this "Cowboy" now has the Godfather DVD set in his posession, if yon admin is still interested.



Gangster movies


Irish Cowboy ||10-15-2001| |10:50 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Now that the Godfather trilogy is on DVD, thought I'd get into this one.

First off, while Scarface gets overhyped - tho it is a great flick - I cant speak for the third part, but Godfather 1 & 2 are surprsingly not overrated.  Pacino & Brando are amazing in part 1, and De Niro shines with his amazing, effortless performance in part 2. Also recommended:

Carlito's Way - Pacino in what, to me, is a modern western.

Goodfellas - Youve seen the spoofs, but the movie itself is great.  Sorcese was a wise man to cast De Niro & Pesi together as often as he did.

A Bronx Tale - De Niro's directoral debut, i believe.  A great piece about the working man vs crime.

Casino - I saw it on the same day as Heat, and liked Heat more for obvious reasons, but again, De Niro + Pesi...ya cant go wrong.

Donnie Brasco - Thanks partly to acting god Pacino, Depp officially escapes the pretty-boy label.

The Untouchables is on its way hear courtesy of Netflix, I'll get back to ya'll on that one.


yahve ||10-16-2001| |03:53 AM|

Im up for the godfather series... my ignorant ass cant remember it.  lemme know when there is a  showing soon  :p


Irish Cowboy ||10-16-2001| |12:51 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

..soon as i get the $70 for the set, it's on.  

I'd take up a collection pool, since you, Kevin & Miranda all wanna see it, but I've seen Spiffy raise $ for personal belongings...I'm not goin down that road.

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