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In the Bedroom

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I see you eyeing the poster for Rollerball.... stop it!!!  I just came back from watching In the Bedroom bout an hour ago, and holy god damn I could barely stand up when the thing was over.  Some of the best acting I've ever seen, I really don't know where to start on how good this one was.  I don't really want to say what it's about, but it starts out being about a summer romance and a family in Maine.  It's pretty melodromatic, but really damned good.  Best part is it's playing at Palace 18!  No more paying 10 bucks to go to sunset place or going to the darkest recesses of the beach just to find a good movie playing, this one and Amelie (which is just as good as this one) are now playing right in your backyard!  So rip up that ticket for Kung-Pow and go to a good movie, you monkeys!  :D

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