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Favourite movies


yahve ||10-16-2001| |07:42 PM|

Here goes.

Leaving Las Vegas.

why.   this man was truely free.  i admire that.  ignoring the fact that he was an alcoholic, in that stupor he came across many simple truths overlooked by our defensive image-heavy lives.

Nick Cage is the man !


Irish Cowboy ||10-16-2001 ||11:10 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

It was a sad flick, but interestin.

I'd go with Braveheart, The good, The Bad & the ugly, Fight Club, maybe Rio Bravo, maybe Unforgiven.

Tho there are a lot of close ones, like Cool Hand Luke,

Trainspotting, etc.  Boondock Saints gets an honorable mention, and I mustve seen Snatch at least 10 times by now.


bacchus ||10-17-2001| |02:35 PM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

Nicks got it right ... braveheart at the top.

i rate is on par with PATTON.

longest day... bridge too far.. man who would be king... in the name of the rose...apocaplyce now... THERE all really close seconds.


Favorite chase: Ben Her: chariot race

Fav speach : Patton: 3rd army address

Fav battle: Gladiator: battle against barbarians          

Braveheart: all battles            Spartacus: last battles

Fav John Woo inspired Moment(this usually means it has fire in the back ground          

:Breaveheart: when the  scottish nobel dreams mel gipson riding on a horse  through a wall of fire, swinging a mace with  a inhuman look about him.


Irish Cowboy ||10-17-2001| |03:17 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Ok, favorite scenes.

-Braveheart - Christ, the ending damn near got me misty.

-Good, Bad & The Ugly - My boy Clint chomps a cigar.."Two kinds of people in this world, Tuco.  Those with loaded guns, and those who dig." Tosses him a shovel, cocks the gun. "...You dig."

That, and Tuco goin into town, seein about 6 snipers overhead, then Clint's off to his side, sayin "...Were you gonna die alone?"

-Unfogiven - damn.  Either "We all got it comin, kid" or the final scene in the bar.

-Rio Bravo - The Duke and his drunken deputy storm a bar, disarm the whole lot.  One guy tries to get his rifle when the Duke's back is turned, and he catces him  "Go on,

pick it up. I wish you would."

Fight Club - Hard to single out a favorite moment.  Lines like "Our fathers were our visions of god; if our fathers abandoned us, what does that tell you about god?" and

the speech towards the end about abandoned super highways with hunter/gatherer societies starting fires on em, those are up there.


kee [Khayman] ||10-30-2001| |03:00 AM|

I'm so tired of these damn hillbillie films.


Irish Cowboy ||10-30-2001| |03:57 AM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Hmm...I saw "Whos the man?" one of dem darky films, and them jigaboos was funny!

Fak off, Spike Lee.  You aint even watched any of them "hick" (lets get it right now, hillbilly's kidna northern) films, and if you did, ya know it was just to bash em.

...damn, didnt you recommend Fight Club to me? I seen more black folks on "Green Acres" than i did in that flick.


kee [Khayman] ||10-30-2001| |04:54 PM|

You're just mad because there are no hill  bilies in gargoyals.   You should no that gargoyals takes place in manhattan.  I'm sorry if garoyals don't like redncecks.  I don't see you suggesting any flicks.  ........OK OK clock work orange.   then after you recomend me watch that chit.  You pretend that you didn't recomend it to me.  That movie didn't only bite pillow it's lips are still brown from tossen' salad.  And you

have to admit mr. cowboy most of your movies fall under the shit packing list.  

And speaking of creaming little debbies.....why are so on John Waynes cock.  I understand you like the guy and all but damn come up for air dude.  I'm sure your gag reflex is

unresponsive anymore.When was the last time you recommended a good flick to me.  

Gargoyals was good.  and screw anyone that says different.  especially if the haven't even seen the damn thing



Irish Cowboy ||10-30-2001| |05:17 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

damn, where to begin?  

First off...no, i didnt watch your gay ass cartoon of gothic shit.  Its sad you only read preacher to criticize it and guilt me into watchin your shit, but fuck it, i aint

takin anymore recommendations from you anyway, bad enough i gotta hear it everyday "did you watch it yet? How bout today? Why dont you have spare time like me??"

As for Clockwork Orange...i never, ever recommended it to you. You told me some dumb friend of yours suckered you into it by sayin it was a story bout some boring black guy

or some such predictable, spike lee shit.  I wouldnt recommend brillian social commentaries like that or Brazil to you, 'cause apparently good movies dont hold your

interest without a token black guy.  I mean, cmon, the Godfather was boring? Jesus.

Next, the Duke.  Typical of some angry fuck to shit on someone else's hero.  I like 'im, he stood for somethin, whereas all i get outta you is bitchin and racial shit.  

My movies are recognized as classics; yours are on a shelf in plain view where dont a damn person with any sense wanna watch em. I mean, some good Shakespeare, then what?

Black films, resembling UPN sitcoms in that they get by on race alone, rather than talent? Some kung-fu movies with plot resemblin a porn?

Nah, you wouldnt know a good movie if it slapped you in the chin with its balls (except Fight Club, ill give ya that).PS the topic is "Movies", not "Animated Series".


Irish Cowboy ||10-30-2001| |05:32 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Back to worthwhile topics, lets hear from ohers on their favorite flicks, cmon!

Timbo's gotta say The Killer, Hard Boiled, maybe Matrix & Face Off (which ive had for like a month now, thanks).

But what about the chicks? Heartlessbitch, Oni, Athena etc lets hear em.


dinghy ||11-06-2001| |10:33 PM| Ok more braveheart fans in the world....People I can relate to.

Favourite scene :betrayed by Robert de Bruce,shocked and dejected on the field..Uh it ripped my heart out.End was damn good too.

I'm sorry Timmy but If Nick's right I don't understand how Matrix/Face off can be at the top of your list.Granted they were cool movies to look at and they are definitely

recommendable but they just don't have that movie of the year quality you know?

Shrek was a real  feel good movie...good fun


Mulan ||11-25-2001| |03:51 AM||

Here's some good movies that you don't think would actually amount to anything.  

1) Serendipity - John Cusack is a God.

2) Legally Blonde - I know it sounds stupid, but give it a try.  Reese Witherspoon can actually act in this movie.


Heartlessbitch ||11-25-2001| |04:40 PM|

why is there a lack of good car movies? i was utterly dissapointed with "the fast and the furious" shit... yes it was about drag racing, but it was pretty dissapointing, Vin

Dissel was good tho.. but jordana brewster? please i bet she doesn't even know where the dipstick is...(no sexual reference intended) it pissed me off that her only

purpouse in the movie was that of the sex symbol.. damn get in the engine like that other chick.. rotate the tires.. dammit do SOMETHING other than cook and look after your brothers!

and this is what we've accomplished with the whole woman's movement.. yeah movement into the GODDAMN KITCHEN..

okay but for GOOD car movies, i did really like Gone in

Sixty Seconds, i mean i liked the original, but the remake was even better, you can't go wrong with Nicholas Cage for one, and secondly, come on now.. Angelina Jolie.. (she's hot) and she totally pulled off the character,

another movie that i have really good expectations for is "not another teenage movie" i saw the trailer for that and it's fucking hillarious.. my fave scene?

boy: "i know how to win her.. sing a song with a girl's name in it"(the guys starts singing) "Janie's got a gun..."

i'm sorry i probably liked that since i'm an Aerosmith fan..but i thought it was funny.okay all for now, the Heartless bitch has spoken, and you've gotten the female perspective.. (in addition to Mulan's)


Irish Cowboy ||11-26-2001| |04:01 AM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Nice quote - that teen parody flick looks kinda funny, id go see it if Imam was here cause hes all about those ones.

And just to step on a few toes (mainly Timbo's), you dont see many movies about cars, because a whole movie bout a car - outside of Knight Rider or Herbie or some such shit - is crap.

For reference, see "Initial D". Heh.


Heartlessbitch| |11-26-2001| |08:34 AM||

oh, the "love bug"

tsk tsk, cars often play essential roles in movies, to the point where they actually become a character, (NO NOT LIKE HERBIE) i often dream of the day of when i can afford a chevelle supersport or a '55 Bel Air.... instead of my '90 chevy blazer.. but oh i'm getting off topic..

and which quote do you like? the led zepplin one or the one from "not another teenage movie?"


Mulan ||11-27-2001| |05:46 PM|

I think my all time favorite movie has to be the Princess Bride.  It's still a classic.

And thanks to Nick, I've got my very own copy. :D


Irish Cowboy| |11-27-2001| |09:37 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Yeah, that one's worth gettin.

Chevelle's are badass, i admit.  I just wouldnt do a film on one.

Both quotes were cool, but i meant Zeppelin, theyre gods of some sort.On the topic of movies...Aadil got me to watch Patton.  Went and bought it a few days later, so that says enough...great fuckin flick, whether you dig war or not.


Heartlessbitch ||11-27-2001| |10:13 PM|

the Irish cowoboy has proven himself worthy in my eyes..

not only does he dig chevelles, but acknowledges Led Zepplein's god-like status..

my hat off to sir, you've proven yourself worthy.  and i agree with Mulan, Princess Bride is awesome..

one to add to the list The Wedding Singer, god i love that movie


Irish Cowboy ||11-27-2001| |11:06 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Wedding singer is great 80's type shit, i really went for it.  Didnt see that Lil Nicky one tho, look like it blew.

:blush: M'lady im flattered.  Now, no offense to Dinghy, but why are the cool bakshs so far away?

Guess its cause i saw one of those DVD performances, but Page & Plant, they just give off some kinda divinity.  I need that box set one day.


Heartlessbitch ||11-28-2001| |01:51 AM|

*oh us cool baksh's try* (sidenote.. i'm actually an Edun (nude spelt backwards) i'm related to Mariam, Aadil, and Imam on my mom's side)come out to california sometime, i

live in good old cowtown..plenty of cows.. and cattle..and horses..good fun.. (not really) not to sound like a travel agent, but i really  believe everyone should go to

California once before they die.

and Zeppelin is great..what's your fave song?

mine..."whole lotta love", "black dog", of course"stairway", "kasmir"

but there are so many and Wayne's world is a kick ass movie, i love that movie too, yes i liked Mike Myers In Austin Powers.. but AP didn't hold the same appeal to me as Wayne's World did... and now i'm off to study for econ..goodnight..:D


Irish Cowboy ||11-28-2001| |02:16 AM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Hmm..."Immigrant Song" is too easy, so i guess id say "Babe im gonna leave you" as one of my favorites.Cali's on my list, if i ever get out that way.


bacchus ||11-28-2001| |06:40 PM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

she not a baksh... shes not a Bacchus!!!.... look at the nose ...look at the nose

dammit the nose. it doesnt fit ... she doesnt have it.


Heartlessbitch ||11-28-2001| |08:08 PM|

hey what are you trying to say about my nose?

and what is the supposed bacchus/baksh nose..

my mom doesn't have a weird nose, or are you trying to say i have one?


BigChiefSlapaho ||11-29-2001| |07:44 PM| |chfslap606@aol.com|

This is just a list, no order of preference.  I know I'm going to take some sh!t for my choices, but hey, it's one thing or the other.

1) Airplane - "Surely you're not serious!" "Yes, I'm serious, and don't call me Shirley."  I know, the plot is kaka, but you know that movie is a classic.  If you haven't seen it, and you don't mind laughing mindlessly, pick it up.

2) Enter the Dragon - I've never gotten the chance to see any of Bruce's other films besides the one where he fights Chuck Norris, whose plot was even thinner than this

one.  He's still amazing after all these years tho.

3) Die Hard (1) - The sequels were Ok, but nothing like the first one.

4) Star Wars 4, 5, & 6 (shaddap Nick) - Yes, they're old, and they're flawed in today's standards.  But, there has never been a story line that has influenced so much of

American & worldwide culture as these movies.  The perfect blend of mythology & mysticism with sci-fi & futurescapes.

5) Godfather 1, 2, and even 3 - Though not many people gave part 3 any credit, I thought it still was a great story.  It must be difficult to pick up a series whose last "episode" was over 15 years earlier.  And, lets face it, any gangster movie has a hard time comparing to part 2.  

6) Goodfellas - "Is DAT what you're tryin' ta say?  Dat I'm some sort of clown, here to amuse you?"...  

7) Matrix.

8) tie between Platoon and Apocalypse Now for favorite Vietnam movie.  Good Morning Vietnam was good too.

9) Top Gun - Again, set the precedence for which every crappy flying movie followed throughout the eighties... (Iron Eagle 1, 2, 3, or 4 anyone?)  Movie made sense though,

plot was not too far out in space like the above mentioned.

10) it's a toss up between Gladiator & Braveheart, but also, if you want to see the originator of melee's... check out Spartacus.


BigChiefSlapaho ||11-29-2001| |07:51 PM| |chfslap606@aol.com||

Favorite movie scene?  damn, that's a toughy.  How about Naked Gun 2 1/2, when Leslie Neilsen's at the Sperm Bank.

Nurse - "Would you like to see our selection of movies?"

LN - "Um, Yes! Do you have Spartacus? E.T.?"

Nurse - "Um, sir, I meant adult films?"

cut to scene of nurse overhearing rodeo sounds and furniture breaking.


Irish Cowboy ||11-29-2001| |08:50 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Our generation overrates Top Gun. I know im alone here.

As for Vietnam flicks, check out The Deer Hunter with De Niro and a young Chris Walken...some good stuff.  

Here's where i wanna plug Green Berets, the Duke's vietnam flick, but goddamn i cant do it with a straight face.

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