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Inglorious Bastards, Vega Brothers

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OK, so althought there have been snags in the process, information has been point to Inglorious Bastards, a World War II movie set in no man's land France starring Michael Madsen and Adam Sandler, even more influenced by Italian Spaghetti Westerns than Kill Bill was, as being Tarentino's next film.


But there has also been talk (hmm...for about 10 years) about The Vega Brothers movie coming out (starring Michael Madsen as Vic Vega from Reservior Dogs and John Travolta as Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction, set in Amsterdam). Since this would have to be a prequel to both Reservior Dogs and Pulp Fiction (the title characters both die in those movies), this becomes even less and less likely to happen as time goes by, since Madsen and Travolta are looking older as the years pass (insert shock here). If you ask me, it's to bad Prince was never cast for both of those roles, because he looks even younger than he did in 1984, but hey, hindsight is 20/20.


But not there is word that Tarentino wants to do a small all-Mandarin kung-fu film, maybe even dubbing it for US audiences.


If anyone has any Tarentino rumours/news, pot em up here. I will give you 10 cool points and a kiss (which can be traded in for an additional 3 cool points if you prefer) if anyone can find definitive news on the Kill Bill V1+2 reedited back together uber-edition DVD. Please, I'm dying here!

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