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Posted about this somewhere else, but I'm thinking this is the best place for this:


Ran into a snag with the new computer. The new motherboard fits and is very sweet. It's all secured in the case. Only problem is... The Power Supply Unit (PSU) has a 20-pin motherboard plug. The motherboard I got requires a 24-pin hook up.


I looked on the motherboard's website to see if they had any advice. Apparently there's adapters you can get that go from 20-24 pin. The site said it would work, but after long use it would cause instability with the Express PCI expansion slots (Where I'm going to put my new Video Card - nVidia 6600 w/ 256 megs RAM - Express PCI slots on my board have a 2000 mhz bus speed. = very fast graphics loading)


So, the only powersupply I can get is one that has 24-pin Motherboard hookup and the additional standard 4-pin.


So far I've only found one made by Toppower for $66.


If anyone is really bored and feels like helping, help me search for a 24-pin power supply - needs to be 450 watt + .


Soon as I get that, I'll be all set to hook it up, then I'll need CPU, Memory (1 gig), Video Card, Hard Drive, and Windows XP.


Man I gotta get a job. lol

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Well, I found a few PSU's that meet what I need. For now I found one that will work. $10 + shipping. It's a temp fix because it's only 350 Watts, and should just cover what I need. But I will need to upgrade from that to probably 450+ just to be on the safe side.


It's debated about what the extra 4-pins are for. I'm thinkin it's for the PCI-express slots. Here's what the PCI-e slots do for me:


The UT NF4 Ultra-D fully supports PCI Express, the latest I/O interconnect technology that speeds up the PCI bus. PCI Express features point-to-point serial interconnections between devices and allows higher clockspeeds by carrying data in packets.


It makes the vid card that much faster, as does the nVidia nForce 4 Ultra chipset already in the motherboard.



Bottomline: Better graphics, faster load times, less chance of lag.

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