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Sky High

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When I first saw ads for Sky High on TV, I thought it was a made for TV movie, and the special effects are only a notch above made for TV, but despite a low budget it's pretty fun and certainly beats the living crap out of many bloated high budget superhero movies.


It's about a family where the mom and Dad are superheros and the kid is about to get his powers and go to superhero highschool. If you think this sounds like "The Incredibles" and the comic "Invincible" and a bunch of other things you're right, the premise is pretty derivative. But the writing is clever and as original as it can get in the crowded genre it's in. ANd the cast is great, Kurt Russel, Kelly Preston, Bruce Campbell, and like everybody from the "Kids in the Hall" sketch comedy show are in it, and the no names do an excellent job. The special effects aren't high budget, but I enjoyed the fights in this WAY more than I enjoyed any of the million dollar shit they had in fantastic four.


Anyways, if you're into the superhero genre at all, this is definately worth your while, and it was a very fun time at the movies. Sure it's no incredibles, but it's no hulk or fantastic four either.

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