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A webcomic artist I've enjoyed for a lot of years has started a new project called 5ideways (pardon the pretentious '5' there.), and in a new twist, this new story comes with a soundtrack. The tune that plays while you flip through the fifteen pages of prologue is called "Give In" (click the link to download) by artist Peter Gresser. This particular track is a mix of piano, digital drum mixing, violin, and some blues/jazz vocals for a slow, melodic, eclectic, industrial, noir-ish, haunting tune that proves to be incredibly addicting. Other tunes that can be found on his website are "Whisper", which is similar in sound to "Give In", and "Modern Days" which is a bit faster paced, and is a bit more "electric" sounding, though still carries the piano and vocals as the main instruments. I've only been listening for a total of two days but already I think this guy is the cat's pajamas. He doesn't have an album out yet but it's in the works. If someone has a better definition of this guy's sound after listening to a couple of his tracks, by all means let me know. But Definitely check it out :2T:

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