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chains are racists???


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FOX Sports.com

NEW YORK (AP) - David Stern wanted to come up with a dress code that wouldn't restrict his players.


So he picked one that wouldn't bother his owners, either.

"What we came up with is a dress code that even Mark Cuban could comply with — if he wanted to," Stern said Tuesday.


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Kahn: Why the NBA's dress policy is a 'code red'




But the new policy is taking some heat already, with Indiana Pacers guard Stephen Jackson telling ESPN that the league ban on chains worn over clothing is "a racist statement" from the league.


Jackson said he had no problem with requiring players to dress better. But he drew the line at players being told their chains and necklaces can't be visible over their clothes.


"I just think that's attacking young, black males," said Jackson, who wore four chains to the Pacers exhibition game against San Antonio on Tuesday night. "The part about wearing suits, I think we should dress up. A lot of guys have gotten sloppy with the way they dress and I have no problem with that. But the chains, that's going a little too far."


Jackson told ESPN that the policy on jewelry was "a racist statement because a lot of the guys who are wearing chains are my age and are black. I wore all my jewelry today to let it be known that I'm upset with it.


"I'll wear a suit every day. I think we do need to look more professional because it is a business. A lot of guys have gotten sloppy with the way they dress. But it's one thing to [enforce a] dress code and it's another thing if you're attacking cultures, and that's what I think they're doing."


"I know a lot of guys on my team are upset and I have no problem speaking up on it," Jackson said to ESPN.


... :???: Well I guess white male basketball players shouldn't wear chains...

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