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BioWare, Meet Pandemic

Two hot studios join forces, and we talk to two of the guys in charge.

by David Adams


November 3, 2005 - At first blush, BioWare, which specializes in expansive PC and console RPGs, couldn't be more different than developer Pandemic Studios, whose action-heavy roster includes Full Spectrum Warrior, the Star Wars Battlefront games, and Destroy All Humans! There's little doubt, though, that both are among the hottest independent studios at work today.


That may have made for a great marriage proposal: the two companies announced today they are now officially partnered. Both studios will maintain their particular focus and identity, but will share both financial and creative resources. While it's too soon to say whether Pandemic would add a fighting system to a new BioWare RPG, for instance, such collaborations are now possible...


Fans of either studio's work needn't panic: both will retain their own identities, brands, and home offices -- and no currently-announced games are affected by the partnership. Instead, the studios will use the infusion of cash to ensure their titles are ready for the next generation and not rushed out before they're ready. Perhaps more importantly, BioWare and Pandemic will work together creatively.


"BioWare and Pandemic will use our new alliance as a launchpad for exchanging creative ideas, cutting edge technologies and top talent while retaining our distinctive cultures," said Ray Muzyka, joint CEO of BioWare Corp. "In a business where developers often must sell out to survive, this deal is refreshingly new: a partnership of equals."    More...



The article continues with the IGN interview of BioWare joint CEO Greg Zeschuk and Pandemic CEO Andrew Goldman. Questions concerning the company's projects (no inside stuff just how the work will be pioritized), handling of intelligent property, relationships with publishers are asked. Also, although I wished they had more content on this theme, how thier current franchises would be affected/benefit from the team up.


Bioware Studios are well reknown for thier titles "Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic", "Jade Empire", "Baldur's Gates", amonst many others.


Pandemic Studios are well known for titles such as "Star Wars Battlefront II", the ever popular (and cult favorite) "Mercenaries", the current sleeper hit "Full Spectrum Warrior", and of course the mega-anticipated creative and unique "Destroy All Humans" (which has an entertainment value higher than dressing a cow in a swimsuit, launching it in space, and firing a nuclear missile at it, so I heard).


official news from Bioware website here...

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Amazing what results from having too much time and internet connection!


Character & Weapons Programmer

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Job Code: 220

# of openings: 1


Job Description:

Working closely with the design staff, this person would implement the systems and weapons needed for the player character of an unannounced next-generation title. This person would require close collaboration with both the design and art staffs to ensure the game design needs mesh well with the art and animation needs for the main character.



Job Requirements:

? 3+ years game industry experience.

? Must have significant experience at least one critically and/or commercially successful product.

? Experience programming for PlayStation®3 and Xenon a plus.

? Must have experience on a console programming for PS2, XBox, or GameCube.

? Experience in one or more game play systems with a specialization in one or more of: player mechanics, player control and weapons systems

? Ability to assist other programmers on defining robust and efficient solutions to systems and tasks.

? Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code

? Ability to adapt to changing requirements.

? Strong time management skills with a proven ability to focus on priorities, solve problems, and meet deadlines.

? Ability to collaborate as member of a team and work toward team goals.

? Ability to contribute innovative ideas to all aspects of game development.

? Ability to solve complex code problems efficiently.

? Must be able to work closely with designers, artists, and other programmers to develop gameplay systems that are fun, flexible, and efficient.

? Must be able to pull together components from existing systems and engine capabilities to build new systems and structures.




Woah Hondos upgrade, lookin' good!


Anyways after posting I noticed some information was left out. The game company that published this want as was Edios, which off the top of my head I know from Tomb Raider and I think Hitman series. but with the blip "needs for the main character." I am suspecting this to again be a stand alone game.


Wonder what it is :howyoudoin:

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