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Age of Empires III


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So, being a lover of the previous titles, and a huge fan of RTS's, I 'bought' (thanks love) Age of Empires III.




The game is infinitely better than it's predecessors. The graphics are unbelievable (believe me, I haven't even been able to see them past the 'low' setting, so those of you rich enough to have the Uber PC of Doom, you'll want this game), and the new features are really cool.


This one takes place at the beginning of the Renaissance and takes you into the industrial age. Only, this time, you are a colony of one of the major powers, and have a new feature called 'home city'.


Basically, you get XP throughout the game, and eventually, you can use that XP to have your home city send you resources, citizens, military units, ships, sheep, etc.


The mills never run out of food, so you don't have to worry about that. You also get a new building called 'plantation', which is a money farm.


The micromanagement aspect is higher here, and the military units are somewhat limmitted. So gone are the days have having 199 Super indestructable Galleons. They put a limmit as to the number of powerful units you can have at a time, so the ballance is there.


You can upgrade towers. You can capture and set up trade routes. You can trade with natives, and ally with them.


Again, to the RTS fans out there, this is a must get.

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