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Transporter 2


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So the first one had one of the best action opening scenes that I had seen in a long time. The movie itself was a little slower that I expected but Jason Statham sure does know how to kick some ass.



The second one, the opening scene was a wussy little 'ooo dont scratch mi car or dirty moi suit' fight scene, but the movie itself is very entertaining. Some very, ok 'extremely', far fetched action scenes. The whole clipping of the bomb under the car by the tip of the crane while did a mid air flip... the ramming the parking barrier concrete wall... with no damage to car whatsoever. However the plot, action, and eye candy was very nice. By eye candy, I am referring to Kate Nauta (Lola). If you can look past her being a total kinky panty hosed high heeled underwear wearing only high maintence make up... freak... very nice indeed. I must admit, she could do things to me that I have only dreamed about :ok: This movie just proves that there is always a plan B, which usually just involves improvising as you go. You souf florida hondonians... you should see if you recognize any streets b/c its filmed at miami beach. Good flick, very entertaining, more action than in the 1st one (due to a bigger budget). This flick really shows that Statham really knows how to get down and dirty. He used quite a bit of the Jackie Chan like item grabbing, you know... kicking peoples asses with whatever he can get his hands on, like say a fire hose. It's good, on sale at best buy for 16.99 til the end of the weekend. The goes to the regular 21.99. So rent or buy...good movie.

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