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I've been plannin on getting a new computer pretty soon, and I was wondering what woudl suit my needs best.  I know what  I need for games and stuff, but I just recently aquired adobe premier (video editing program) and on my current pentium 500 with 128 megs of ram and a voodoo3, it takes an hour to preview a 30 second clip.  Heaven forbid I want to change the way something dissolves or speed up or add or take out an effect and see if it works, cause I'd have to wait that hour again...  So, anyways, I was wondering what I could get on my new one that would make it quick for this kind of stuff.  Lots of ram?  Better video card? Quicker processor?  Already plannin on getting a HUGE (120 gb) harddrive.  Any advice would be appreciated.  With my luck, I'd buy a PC with a 120gb HD and 1.8ghz processor, only to see that Tera shit come out the next day....

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