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Notes on a Scandal


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ok, first off, I think you might consider having different headings for movies and TV. bit of a job scrolling through 30 odd pages to see if a movie has been mentioned already.




The one I wanted to talk about /suggest is: Notes On A Scandal.


This movie was so refreshing. Beyoned refreshing. Like gasping for air in the moment just after you feared a death by drowning.

It really just makes you think, fuck everything else, if you don't have good actors then you have shit.

This had Cate Blanchet and Judy Dench (yes that dame) playing against each other.

Well, you know what I take back the earlier comment about the acting, becasue it wasn't just that. That was phenomenal, but it was the writing, the characters, the chemistry, And Indeed the directing(although I think you can never really tell exactly how much they have to do with things).

I often think, movies are dead, why do we even keep making more and more of them, more and more of the same brown shit dispensed from varying luke warm arseholes.

And then one like this comes along and proves me wrong :ohface:

It was good fun!

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