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Maximo: Ghosts to Glory


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I just bought this game used from blockbuster and it's great.  It's essentially the next game in the "ghouls n' ghosts/ghosts n' goblins" series.  It's very much a continuaiton of the othaer games, get hit too many time and you run around in boxer shorts, jump in a certain place and a treasure chest appears, etc etc etc, even the music is very similar to previous games.  So far i love it, it's also as hard as it's predeccesors... I'm only on the second lovel and having a bit of trouble avoiding the crumbling floor.  Maximo has a good number of moves to take out the undeed with, and gains some cool stuff on the way.  The controlls are pretty much perfect, and teh camera is pretty good for a 3rd person platformer.  I think of this game along the lines of MDK 2.  It may not be in the style of a nintendo or supernindento game, but it very much has the old school feel.  It's hard as hell, has great music, perfect controll...  It's all about gameplay and level design, just like the old days when you'd try to get past the same sequence of jumps and monsters for hours.  For those living in miami, it's only 24 bucks at almost every blockbuster I've seen so grab it NOW.  You won't regret it.

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