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What was looking like a regular Resident Evil style game for the PC has been made over with a new element to the game play.


The game will proceed similar to a Silent Hill / RE suspense-horror game but will require you to manage a small team of individuals to help you complete the missions.  Team members will become frightened at gruesome sights of blood & guts and may refuse to help out or even turn & run.  Team mates may even become untrusting of your leadership and may turn on you out of fear.  Through communication and interaction, you not only must weather the onslaught of enemies, but must also keep your teammembers composed or risk them going insane and killing their own teammates.


Sounds pretty interesting.  I'd like to try it.

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Good call, I've been checking up on this one from time to time.  The Thing is a great movie, probably overlooked by many as a typical horror movie.  I'm glad to read that so far the game is coming out good.  I also reado somewhere that the game randomly generates who gets infected by the thing every game, that should be really interesting.  If it creates a hint of the paranoia that the movie did, it should be an amazing game.

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