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AGI/SCI Game making


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While wandering through the net (I don't remember what I was looking for), but anyways I stumbled on to a product called AGI Studio. It's basically a game creator/editor for old school games like King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, etc. I also got SCI Studio (Same thing, just for games lateron in the series.) Now, I'm working on my own game. I wanted to see if anyone had any cool suggestions. Heck we could even make a Drunken Deities Quest or something. I just need ideas. Some help in the graphics department would be great too. (Graphics are easy, only a few pixels in size and 16 colors to choose from.) Well, I'm looking forward to your posts. If anyone wants me to, I'll also post links to the creators/editors.



- :ssj:

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Cool! If anyone else wants in, let me know. Be sure what parts you want to work on and stuff. Thanks, Chief.


Here's the link:

AGI & SCI page

It has its own graphics program and stuff, and has a few samples too. Let me know also if you want samples from other old school games (Kings Quest, Space Quest, etc.)


Above all people, we really need suggestions. (What you want in it, characters, how to make characters, what the goal(s) will be, items, etc.) Just think back to these old school games, but think what you would like to see in it. Thanks.


- :ssj:

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