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  1. Thor would take it... It would be a pretty cool fight to see and maybe even a long one too. But I think Thor would come out in the end. :sly:
  2. This would actually be a damn good fight even though you guys don't think so. Despite the JLA's obvious strengths here, Hercules is also a god and is at par with Thor(Just poor writing seperates the two, oh and the hammer). Also the She Hulk is no pushover. Also, the martian dude ain't all that. If you really think about this putting obvious biases aside, they are really well matched. And you are right though the Flash does wipe QuickSilver. :sly:
  3. PS Batman is just a man despite his intelligence. Batman is one of my favourites but you guys give him way too much credit. Actually, agreeing with previous posts, his writers are pretty good. :sly:
  4. Ok, JediKnights/JLA First thing, if you are gonna put so many Jedi against the JL why not atleast make it the JLI(international, include Europe, Austraila, Asia, and America). That way at least the numbers would be even remotely fair. And even without the rest of the League, the Jedi still lose. Guys, The JLA would obviously win. Correction, Superman, Flash, GreenLantern, would win. Oh sorry, Superman or GL alone could win(would say the Flash too but so many Jedi). The rest would only have to sit back with popcorn and watch. Don't get me wrong, I like the Jedi, but they
  5. Forgot one thing, The celestials aren't the most powerful beings in marvel. Anyone else remember the Beyonder. The way overpowered guy that just showed up in marvel and left after a four issue thing(80's I think). Can't think of any comic character that tops him to date. Last I saw of him he created his own universe and modeled it after marvels.
  6. I think this would depend on whether Superman decides to play nice(as per usual) or just go all out. But I think in the end Superman would win eventually. Plus, I think you guys give spawn way too much credit...
  7. Ok, This is probably the hardest vote in fight club that I've seen thus far. I mean, here were have two guys who led vast armies into victory. One more of a guriella warfare type, the other a soldier. Both great warriors in there own right. Even one on one I'd still say they were both evenly matched. This is one of those fights I'd see going either way depending on if thy fought at sunrise or sunset or whose back was to the west or errr.... you should get the point. I mean one is a guy, who wasn't even roman, who became a general that fought along side his men(important point)co
  8. Man you guys cover alot of stuff before I could get in on this. First thing, Hulk/Spawn - After taking all things into consideration, nothing short of a soul stealing type ability, or just tottally disintigrating him is gonna get spawn to win that, unless he can get him to change back to Banner(Saw that in a what if). Maybe the Psonic attack thing but, I still say Hulk. Next, Hulk/Thor(which I heard mentioned) - Am I the only owner of comics(not plural) were the Hulk hands Thor his ass(At least three comes to mind without much thought). As strong as Thor is, the Hulk has no cap on his
  9. Fatalities, Although Raiden and Scorpion were my favs, I gotta say that SubZero and Kano had the koolest ones.... Kano's being kind of classic, but SubZero's being the best for just, come on, Head and spine...
  10. I'm gonna back up the mans timeline of events... Technically Scorpion has already won. Even if you say Scorpion vs the current SubZero, no matter how many new tricks they give him, I still think Scorpion takes it. Besides the fact that he already killed two of em...
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