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Sega.net Free For 2002


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Sega announced yesterday that a subscription would no longer be necessary to access the Dreamcast online service, SegaNet. All Dreamcast gamers can now play anything online for free, with the sole exception being Phantasy Star Online Ver.2, which still requires the same fee.


Current subscribers who were paid past August 1st may be eligible for a partial refund. SegaNet accounts will convert to usernames and passwords for Sega's current online projects, but the SegaNet service "may close" at the end of the year. Sniff.  :(


So, bascically, you can play Chu-Chu Rocket, Bomberman Online, any of the 2k sports ones, etc online; only exceptions are Shenmue 1 (network's down, last i heard. Was cool while it was up) and Phantasy Star Online 2.0, basically the only game i wanna play online....in any event, 1.0's free.

Just wanted to let anyone with a Dreamcast know, take advantage of it while its still up...

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