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yeah, another thread likely lost in the crash. im mostly making this to show panch the new single.


with mainstream hip hop being on some ringtone shit/feeling like its in a rush to make itself less and less relevant, ive been listening to more and more backpackers, underground and most anyone trying different shit out - but even that leads to gimmicks a lotta times. in the other corner, you got dudes like what Jay-Z was to me for years: they're not really saying anything different (money, cash, ho's etc) but they way they're saying it/their style is just sick, and hard not to love if you're a fan of the music. The Clipse are another excellent example of that.


The above album, Lord Willin' (much love to WhoDey & Panch for putting me onto this years back when i was sleeping on it) is just that, nice flows with top-notch Neptunes/Pharell production. They were big enough to almost be crossover, lending themselves to Justin Timberlake's "Like i love you", you mightve heard them there if you had a radio a few years back. Anyway, they got a new album coming out early december (likely leak sooner) "Till the casket drops", and the new single off it is nice, despite Cam'ron trying to fuck it up. I'll post some of their bigger songs and then the new one at the end, enjoy if its your thing.


"Grindin'" - one of the better beats in the last decade, id argue



"What happened to that boy?" - big radio single way back



"Ego" (same album, good track)



"Popular Demand" - new single


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