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Couldn't find a topic already made for this @.@ I just downloaded the demo and am having a blast with this. This seems like what they tried to do with iron man but failed miserably. in fact if the main character skin was Iron Man and the guns were replaced with palm blasts..... :hmm:


I havent heard much about it and just got the demo outta boredom, but it is pretty fun so far :)






................................ ok demo is super short. but still fun

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This game is a sheer rental, in my opinion. It has what I have to call the WORST narrative I've seen in years in a videogame. It's absolutely horrible. The story advances without fleshing characters, things happen that don't connect into what happens next, somehow somebody trapped in a void between worlds knows exactly when the world war on earth is beginning... the whole story was miserable.


The gameplay's fun, though, in spite of the story issues. The first few levels play out like a typical third person shooter, which then becomes a third person shooter with a jetpack, which then becomes an air combat game with occasional third person moments. It flows seamlessly enough, but it doesn't ever feel exceptional, just fun. Fun, short, and incomprehensible, that's what this game was to me.

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