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Here's what happened in the episode I saw. Iron Man uses his computer scanner magic screen to trace the villians. He says to the team that there's two *equally* likely locations, so they'll have to split up since time is an issue.


First team: Iron Man, Falcon and Hawkeye.


Second team: Hulk, Thor and Silver Surfer.




OK, so I was home sick from work and caught some afternoon cartoons.


Marvel Superhero Squad is clearly for the little kids. I love that Marvel realizes they need to target kids.


Still, I object to giving our kids the wrong idea about our heroes.



Also, Doom sounds liek a pirate. Seriously.

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So the episode I saw today, the R4ed Skull returns and Captain America and Fury guest star.


To help take down Skull, the Squad volunteers to be Cap's new Howling Commandos.


Cut to the Superhero squad deckewd out in commando gear, standing at attention being inspected by Cap and Fury.


Cap: So what do you think of the new Howling Commandos, Fury?


FurY walks over to Thor and holds a handful of his hair then says: I still say we aughtta give the blond a haircut.




I nearly spit out my tea from laughing.


Episode also has some hilarious back and forth between Doom and Skull. (Skull sounds like a gay Arnold Shwarzenegger)

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