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  1. I've always been a huge fan of this long running web comic even if I don't get all the most scienc-y jokes. It's amazing what stick figures can do to communicate tone and ideas and emotion with the right context. Today I want to start off the discussion by posting two recent strips that really tickled me. #2341: (https://xkcd.com/2341/) and #2360 (https://xkcd.com/2360/) To me these are quintessential XKCD. They use a quasi textbook graphic presentation with the star chart and the comp
  2. https://i.imgur.com/mwld0jb.png From xkcd.com
  3. Used to play cricket a lot, but stopped once my eyes got bad. I tried my had at hurling when I visited Ireland. Seemed like a fun game but it really demands depth perception since you make a lot of baseball style shots and being blind in one eye, that's tough for me. Strangely, I've started to get into sports shooting this year despite having bad eyes. Steel Challenge and USPSA stuff. Shooting is a very 2D sport in many respects, so doesn't demand as much from the eyes as you might think and the rest is running around and body positioning, I'm really glad I fou
  4. Glad to hear people like the show. I'll check it out. I like the first comic series a lot, though I never read Dallas.
  5. Did he say the FF was coming though? I mean, if he's claiming there was a five year plan in place before the merger, I don't think FF would have been in it either. Or Doom. I do think the Celestials are the next big thing. They did give us Knowhere, so that's set up in the universe. Re: the Chinese market holding back the portrayal of gay characters, is it an issue of the govt not allowing such portrayals or audiences being turned off by them? Cuz one is more of an obstacle than the other.
  6. I'm usually a stickler for consistent worldbuilding where even if things are surreal, I understand why it's surreal. But this movie's logic issues didn't bother me as much as it seemed to bother others with it's lack of clear cause and effect. The performances, action and sense of connection to the characters powers you through that. It helps that almost all the character stuff is in the first half and the worldbuilding cracks don't become apparent til the last 1/4, so by then you're invested. And I think it also helped that the action across the movie was surpr
  7. I'm seeing a big block of grey for the hollabox with the text, 'Invalid Host Header'.
  8. Hello, fellow Floyd fan. Please join up the campaign to make Nick set the Dark side of the Moon album art as the Science Forum banner.

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