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  1. I've always been a huge fan of this long running web comic even if I don't get all the most scienc-y jokes. It's amazing what stick figures can do to communicate tone and ideas and emotion with the right context. Today I want to start off the discussion by posting two recent strips that really tickled me. #2341: (https://xkcd.com/2341/) and #2360 (https://xkcd.com/2360/) To me these are quintessential XKCD. They use a quasi textbook graphic presentation with the star chart and the comp
  2. https://i.imgur.com/mwld0jb.png From xkcd.com
  3. Used to play cricket a lot, but stopped once my eyes got bad. I tried my had at hurling when I visited Ireland. Seemed like a fun game but it really demands depth perception since you make a lot of baseball style shots and being blind in one eye, that's tough for me. Strangely, I've started to get into sports shooting this year despite having bad eyes. Steel Challenge and USPSA stuff. Shooting is a very 2D sport in many respects, so doesn't demand as much from the eyes as you might think and the rest is running around and body positioning, I'm really glad I fou
  4. Glad to hear people like the show. I'll check it out. I like the first comic series a lot, though I never read Dallas.
  5. Did he say the FF was coming though? I mean, if he's claiming there was a five year plan in place before the merger, I don't think FF would have been in it either. Or Doom. I do think the Celestials are the next big thing. They did give us Knowhere, so that's set up in the universe. Re: the Chinese market holding back the portrayal of gay characters, is it an issue of the govt not allowing such portrayals or audiences being turned off by them? Cuz one is more of an obstacle than the other.
  6. I'm usually a stickler for consistent worldbuilding where even if things are surreal, I understand why it's surreal. But this movie's logic issues didn't bother me as much as it seemed to bother others with it's lack of clear cause and effect. The performances, action and sense of connection to the characters powers you through that. It helps that almost all the character stuff is in the first half and the worldbuilding cracks don't become apparent til the last 1/4, so by then you're invested. And I think it also helped that the action across the movie was surpr
  7. I'm seeing a big block of grey for the hollabox with the text, 'Invalid Host Header'.
  8. Yeah, I had the same reaction. And this is a symptom of my overall dissatisfaction with the show They seemed set to tell a story about a character who just happens to share the name and get him wallowing in angst that isn't very Iron Fist-y. You have a problem with CW-level fight scenes, but my big problem is the CW school of drama-creation and characterization that they seem to be following since Season 1. They could have done the inverse of what the trailer did and used this as a moment of pride. And then whatever drama they were trying for, whether it was him saying he
  9. I was never a fan of old man logan as a regular series. The orifinal story really seemed like the kind of thing that needed to be left alone so it could be a self-contained story. I never even checked it out, though I heard the old wolverine showed up in the comics present... tl;dr on that?
  10. Haven't read Death of Wolverine. Anyone have a tl:dr?
  11. A review of two books that bump into each other at the intersection of tween lit, graphic novels and politics. Both released in 2012, 'Drama' and 'Cardboard' seem to stand almost as relics of their time now, a mere 6 years later. Their politics seem so retro given the current topics and confrontational tactics dominating US public debate. One book is a gentle tale of group dynamics & sorting through relationship perils when they're all new to you by using empathy and consideration while the other book is heavy on physical conflict while espousing the values o
  12. Rom, Spaceknight was one of my favorites as a kid. My introduction to the New Mutants was as guest stars in an issue of his comic. I read that thing about 100 times. The way the Limbo from his world connected with sword-wielding Illyana (an X-man) being queen of Limbo at the time blew my mind. I would indeed love to see more Rom in Marvel. Or just more Rom as it's own thing.
  13. I don't think we ought to worry about the renumeration issue. It's part of the self-policing mechanism to control quality now that the entry barriers to art production are so low. I deal with the same issue as an indie novelist. Because of things like Amazon self-publishing and soundcloud and cheap digital movie cameras etc, people who want to put art out there can do so. And a lot of it is crap. The gatekeepers are fading away and nothing is restraining the influx of enthusiastic but substandard producers, certainly not their lack of talent. That sounds harsh, but
  14. While there's a lot of good points here, I think we should also face the fact that comics, like Network TV, succeeded for a long time only because of lack of competing options for consumers. We had no cinematic color adventures in the actual cinema. So we read Avengers to see a full-scale alien invasion in all its wonder. Now the digital art revolution has made such stories easy to put on screen and do them justice. And overall the competition from GOOD media is sooo much more. I often choose to read a novel when I could be reading a comic. Or to browse youtube vids. My nephews
  15. Never heard of gay as a slur. That's amazing that politics has shifted so much. It was literally invented as an anti-slur!
  16. There's already an organic movement towards they. I think I first heard about Ze in the context that some activists groups were promoting it. I've never actually met anyone using it, but then again, I don't know many non-binary folks. But I've also heard other pronouns promoted and at the moment I feel like we have one of those situations of competing formats/conventions that sometimes grips the tech world (blue ray, Betamax etc). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genderqueer#Pronouns_and_titles To me, a need exists for a standard pronoun and the se
  17. Not so long ago, 'you' was only plural. 'Thou' was the singular 2nd. But folks got tired of too many pronouns and axed the thous and 'you' became both singular and plural. Seems like expanding 'they' to a singular non-gendered personal pronoun is a natural progression (given that it is a non-starter) and I and many English speakers already do it.
  18. Barbara is a 12-year-old who hides a magic giant-killing hammer in her purse. And she knows how to use it too. Or maybe she's just the class weirdo who is letting too many Dungeons & Dragons games get to her head? This well-written, stand-alone book starts off hinting that the giants are a fantasy, but there is never any explicit tell. Barbara confounds her family, her teachers and her peers with her insistence that they cannot judge her until they know what it is to be elbows deep in the guts of a freshly killed giant and that their world is too trivial for people
  19. I think we're getting somewhere. Both Stilly and NZA have named specific behaviors that cross the line like using the word faggot or deliberate misgendering. Now we have a starting point for debate. e.g. the misgendering one... If someone asks me to use 'ze' as their pronoun, I'm gonna have a lot of issues with that. It's not going to be because I disrespect them, but because I feel like they're imposing their political statement on me for their personal comfort. (I feel like English already has a perfectly good 3rd person singular pronoun for non-binary genders)
  20. Not hearing anything I disagree with, but my questions aren't answered. Nick is essentially saying we'll know the line when we see it, but different combinations of groups see things differently so basically the middle ground becomes left-wing if it's a mostly left crowd and vice versa and that's a feedback loop to lack of diversity in thought. (That said, I acknowledge the issue of letting the extremists have the floor and ceding the airwaves to the loudest voices in Politics especially is something I personally am done with. I just have a real struggle with the mechan
  21. I'm on board with most of this. I'm not a fan of the arguments that turn into personal attacks especially. My big problem is how do you decide that the sin of bigotry has been committed? Who is the arbiter? We had a debate about gay marriage about ten to fifteen years ago devolve into the question of whether anyone opposing gay marriage is automatically homophobic and the consensus seemed to be yes, it was. Under these new rules, I can't see a debate about the topic happening because anyone opposed would get muzzled. Similarly with debating immigration policy and acc
  22. Are the MTV movie awards still a thing? I expect the Blockbuster awards are no more, so maybe the Oscars are trying to fill that gap? But yeah, this is a total backhanded compliment move. I expect it'll work though. The insult is subtle and if the DC vs Marvel movies debate (among other pop movie debates) has taught me anything it's that fans of the movies care about this kind of thing enough that the ceremony really will see a ratings boost from the people who usually wouldn't tune in.
  23. Yeah, the historical (in)accuracy's not my real problem now that I think of it. (I only read the book two hours ago, so I'm still reacting). The reason the clergy/abuse stuff stood out to me in the first place was that it seemed so cliche and at odds with the thrust of the rest of the story which was about isolation and memory. I lived away from home starting at nine in a very non-abusive situation and that was painful anyway. The internal struggles Lemire was depicting were really connecting to me on that level. Just seemed unnecessary to complicate it with melodrama from externa
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