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Worst team in NBA history?


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So far the worst record in NBA history for a season belongs to the 1972-'73 Philadelphia 76ers, with the ultra-fail record of 9 wins and 73 losses.




But this season, the 2009 - 2010 New Jersey Nets (who are rumored to have been bought up by Jay-Z to be moved back to New York) have so far broken the fail record with only 3 wins and 40 losses this season. They are now the proud owners of the worst NBA start ever - (0-18)




Will they break the all time fail record? I think so. At this point in the '72 - '73 season, the 76ers were 4-39, having one more win than the current Nets. Their next game is against the LA Clippers who are just too good for them, I think it will be an easy win for LA making it 3-41 for the Nets. From there? Who really knows, but I really think these guys are worse than the 76ers were. Maybe next year will be a better year. Maybe Jay-Z knows more about basketball than what sounds good. Maybe his thug-like throaty annoying New York voice will scare them into playing good...

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As of 2/27/10 - New Jersey Nets are 5 wins and 52 losses. I can't find the comparison page at ESPN at the moment. Internet connection at the hotel kinda sucks. But anyways, still pretty bad and right on track to beat the worst NBA season record held by the 76ers.


Tonight they play the Celtics, so it'll be 5 and 53 unless the rules of time and space go down the toilet for some reason.

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