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recently discovered this dude on another forum, finally sat down with his last album "The Old Prince" and its about the most fun ive had overall with a hip hop album in far too long. some quick background:




Shadrach Kabango (born 1982), known professionally as Shad, is a Canadian hip hop musician. Born in Kenya, of Rwandan parents, Shad was raised in London, Ontario.[1] His mother worked in London as a hospital lab technician; his father, as a machinist.[2] He attended London Central Secondary School.


His debut album When This Is Over (2005) was self-made, financed with the $17,500 he won from 91.5 The Beat's Rhythm of the Future talent competition during his time as an undergraduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University.[3] The album is recognized for lyrics deprecating the typical rap scene[4] and focusing on social causes—for example, the track "I'll Never Understand" examines the Rwandan genocide and includes poetry written by his mother, Bernadette Kabango.[5][6]


In 2007, he was signed by Black Box Recordings and released his second album, The Old Prince. In 2008, The Old Prince received a Juno Award nomination for Rap Recording of the Year, and was nominated for the 2008 Polaris Music Prize.


Music critics have compared his style to that of K-os and of Common, and also to a "London (England) sound circa 1990".[1]


Shad is bilingual, speaking English and French. He holds a business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.[7] He is studying part-time towards a master's degree in liberal studies at Simon Fraser University.[1][8]




yeah, enough talk, here's some music. first up, the single i was introduced to & posted elsewhere here a while back:




Shad featuring Jermiside & Destruments - The Calling


(embedding disabled, natch)


Brother (watching)



I Heard you Had A Voice Like An Angel / Psalm 137






Now a daze




check him out, somebody else has to feel this. looking forward to checking out his earlier album.

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new album this month, so hyped! if dre gets Detox out the door (plus the rumor of a new Little Brother LP), this'll be some magical shit, like everyday miracles or whatever.


teaser for the first single:


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When Abraham went to slash Issac

In a sense he baptized him

Rabbi said don't trust in cash prizes

Same things that float your boat, can capsize it

Tell the snakes they can take a hike, like gas prices

No such things as half-way crooks, or half righteous

Those who have eyes should act like it

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