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NFL scouting combine


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I did somewhat. Mostly thanks to the alers I get from ESPN on my phone. Which, I signed up for News, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL alerts along with scores from the Boston Teams...


Interesting results. I'm mostly just waiting for the Draft though. I think the Pats made good deals last year, and if I remember right it set us up to clean up most of the 2nd round this year... :headbang: We shall see.

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oh you silly pats fans lol


I was watchign it on nfln for parts of the weekend and listen to it and reading news boards the rest. The thing that drives me nuts about drafts is it takes years before you know if you had a good one or not.


That's true. Like Tebow (like him or hate him. Personally, I laughed when he cried losing to 'bama...) was good in College, but in the NFL he could get hit hard and end up crying with those crocodile.. I mean 'Gator tears of his...

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