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Sep 02 Florida A&M

Sep 11 @ Ohio State

Sep 23 @ Pittsburgh

Oct 02 @ Clemson

Oct 09 Florida State

Oct 16 @ Duke

Oct 23 North Carolina

Oct 30 @ Virginia

Nov 06 Maryland

Nov 13 @ Georgia Tech

Nov 20 Virginia Tech

Nov 27 USF


Sep 11 Rutgers

Sep 18 @ Texas A&M

Sep 25 @ Maryland

Oct 02 @ Pitt

Oct 09 WKU

Oct 16 @ North Texas

Oct 30 @ Florida Atlantic

Nov 06 ULM

Nov 13 @ Troy

Nov 20 @ Louisiana

Nov 27 Arkansas State

Dec 04 Middle Tennessee


If you're from Miami then The U is your team (even if you haven't gone there), but FIU still gets love. This year shapes up to be a great year for Miami. Ranked 13th to start off the season, I'm optimistic about our chances. FIU needs to win some games.

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FIU needs to win some games.


this is the case every year their program has existed.


also, i think UF is ranked way too high. this is definitely a rebuilding year for them. i think they might make it to the SEC championship but they tend to stumble halfway through the season and lose to a team or two that they're not supposed to lose to which has always pissed me off. plus they play the tide in the regular season, so that should be interesting. ohio state will implode as they usually do whenever they're ranked high. i think if alabama can stay healthy, they'll win a 2nd title in a row. saban's an asshole but he's a monster of a college coach.


i'm glad UM is doing better but they're still not contenders yet. it's good to see that they're finally rebuilding their program though and i think randy shannon is doing a good job. i still say their last successful period was due to butch davis' recruiting. as soon as that lapsed, they were done for. davis shouldn't have left.


oh my god, those uniforms look awful!

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They look like Florida A&M unis, now that I think about it. Y'all be ok. That QB y'all got is pretty awesome. He just needs some people to throw to. And someone to block. Ok, yeah, you might need a little help. And FUCK Nick Saban! That is all.

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I think Alabama is the safe pick. Boise State as much attention as their getting...? I still don't know. They ARE fuckin' good, but anything can happen. Ohio State and Texas are up there. It's hard this year with all these quarterbacks gone to the NFL. I'm hoping that if UM can get through Ohio State week two my mind will change...

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