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Incubus Concert Review

Reverend Jax

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Saw Incubus on Sunday night. This is the second time I've seen them, but the first with them as headliners. The only thing wrong with the evening was the god awful opening act. It was his guy who was trying to pull off this comedy music thing, similiar to Tenacious D, only falling flat. This guy looked like a cross between Ron Jeremy and that greasy guy that played the live action Mario at the beginning and end of the Super Mario Super Show. So lame it physically hurt. The show was great. Nothing particularly special that any other good band does at their live shows. A few interestingly different intros to songs and a few slightly altered solos, but otherwise the songs were straight lifts from the albums. There were obviously plenty of songs that everyone could sing along to (not just the radio singles). My favorite song was Priviledge, just a really good intensity to it.

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