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Wolverine's Revenge


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Of course, the PC version will play like shit, and no one will buy it.

Yeah, id get excited, but you know how it is: comic games usually suck ass, sadly. Theyve been churning out fighting X-games (not Capcom) recently, you prolly havent heard of em cause theyve sucked. You ever play that one Wolvy game, Adamantium Rage, for SNES? Was alright, felt like it was programmed so no one was supposed to finish it.

Outside of Capcom's titles, the only game fearuring Wolverine that ive liked was SNES' X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, little coverate on it but it was fun.

But then, Spider-Man came out for PSX and DC and beat the shit out of all the ones before it, so here's hoping.

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