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Things To Do On A Elevator


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1. Stand by the bottons and ask people what floor and if it is up go down and down to up too.


2. Stand facing the corner talking to your-slef saying how bad you are.


3. Start talking to someone and move closer and closer while you talk.


4. Ask for a tampon (has to be a guy you ask)


5. Yell at the voices in your head and ask person if they can hear them.


6. Stand by the bottons and ask someone what floor and don't press the botton.


7. Go with you friend and ask " So how is your foot fungus"..."No I don't mind if you take your shoes off"... " Oh it is contagious, that is ok I already had it so I can't get it agian".


8. When door opens run out and shout really loud back in the Elevator " No!! I will not do that".


9. Keep saying excuse me and ask people for a Gas-X.


10. Lay on the floor and when people come in yell at them for waking you up.

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