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8 Mile

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This one turned out to be a very cool, old-fashioned sort of movie. Eminem plays Jimmy "rabbit" Smith, an aspiring rapper that's really down on his luck, he lives with his deadbeat mom and her drunken boyfriend in a trailer and is trying to raise a kid, all the while working for peanuts at a factory. Throughout the movie they give "rabbit" another nickname, "elvis" and that makes a lot of sense because this plays a lot like an old elvis movie. A struggleing musician is getting beaten down by life and then just blows everybody away at the end with his music. As typical as the storyline seems, we don't get too many of these anymore. Throughout the movie, rappers engage in freestyle battles. These are easily reason enough to see the movie. I wish that more of the rap I heard was like this, rapid-fire, scathing, hilarious stuff, especially out of eminem. Without these the movie wouldn't have been nearly as good, it would have been like if the last fight in rocky sucked.


Well directed too. Has a nice grainy, cool look, but Hanson ain't that stylish. Somehow he always gets a great sense of setting and this one is no exception. He really gets the feel of the area.


Acting was good. Eminem does a fine job, he carries most of the movie, and he was beleiveable all the way through it. The supporting cast was allright. Some of his friends got kind of stupid at points, but they did an overall good job.The villians were a bit much though. I don't really like Kim Basinger, but you're not really supposed to like her character, so i guess thats ok.


So, all in all, pretty cool. It has a good sense of humor too, lightens things up just as they're getting too cheesy. So, while it's not the best thing out in theaters, it's a pretty cool movie about a little guy beating the odds. A few people might watch it and see it as eminem trying to justify whineing about his past, but really, it's just a genre movie, but it's the "little guy beating the odds" one rather than a heist movie or a martial arts one. You already know the story, it's all about the execution, and this one was good fun.

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