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Since so many of us are fans of the modern BBC Sherlock I thought I'd give the CBS counterpart its own thread. I've watched the first two episodes and have been pleasantly surprised. Although it's not quite as good as the BBC version, it's still a great show to keep you busy between those all too short BBC seasons.




I'm not the biggest Lucy Liu fan, but she brings the goods. And while Johnny Lee Miller doesn't quite have that swag that RDJ or Benedict Cumberbatch bring to their Sherlocks, he's still got a great take on the character. His Sherlock is more damaged, more vulnerable, and not quite as dickish as the BBC Sherlock. Also you've got Aidan Quinn as Sherlock's NYPD liaison. So solid performances and actors throughout. Give the show a shot if you haven't already.

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I wasn't going to watch this when I first heard about it, but I heard/read somewhere that Benedict Cumberpatch gave this blessing and a high praise towards it so I thought, what the hell. And I'm glad that I did! Like you said, it's not as good as BBC's Sherlock, but it's good all on it's own. I've only seen the first two, but I'm looking forward to catching more.

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