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I'm surprised no one has started a thread on this yet; I think I first heard about Jim Jefferies on Hondo's. Jefferies plays himself basically, and DJ Qualls (Road Trip, New Guy) plays the paralyzed brother of Jefferies' roommate/BFF. I believe there've only been 7 or 8 episodes that have aired, and I'm on #4. They're pretty funny thus far. It's the kind of sitcom I think a lot of Hondonians would enjoy. Give it a shot.

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I'm into episode 8 and it's kind of already taken a turn in to "zany situation of the week" territory as opposed to the first 3-4 episodes where it was more a steady progression w/ the Billy storyline. The episodes have been consistently funny if uneven in overall direction though. The courtroom case episode was a standout. Career Day was meh though.

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