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Crimsonfires Metal Appreciation Thread


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This is a thread for metal. By metal I meanMehhhtuuuuhhhhhllllI'll post a couple of albums each week or two (or whenever I feel like it because that's a metal attitude to have) to showcase the range of sounds you can get in this wee genre and how there is a metal album for everyone.


First up:


Strapping Young Lad - City





Notable tracks: All Hail The New Flesh, Detox and AAA.


Devin Townsend the lead singer has to be one of metals most underrated musicians. He has fingers in a lot of pies and SYL is the tip of very large iceberg. He's also funny as hell and takes the piss out of metal bands who take themselves way too seriously (which is most of them).


Now for something far more Swedish and angry:


Meshuggah - ObZen





Notable tracks: Combustion, Bleed and ObZen.


A fine example of technical death metal. It's not the best album by Meshuggah but it's a good intro to their sound. It's the most accessible example of their unique off-kilter sound. It may sound like repetitive noise to the uninitiated but on repeat listens you start to appreciate the incredible skill and technicality of the music.

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