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Well I caved and ran over to best buy yesterday for a bundle I saw while christmas Shopping. Fallout 1 & 2 for $10. ::kicks his momma in the face:: BooYa!




Fallout is an OLD (pentium 90 req. :O) role-playing game, set during a time with a 50's era mindset of disaster preparation and several massive vaults being built in the US in anticipation of Nuclear war. Sure enoguh it happens, and after about 80 years the survivors in your vault are running out of water due to a faulty chip in the water purifier. You draw short straw and need to go get another. And so out in the world you go.


you can use one of the 3 preset characters or create your own(very easy). The good part is unlike most RPG's there is NO class system. You can use all skills (eventually) and simply need to pick what you will start off specializing in and add to it as you gain levels. Gameplay is slow at first but once you familiarize with the controls it becomes very easy.


The graphics and view are Similar to Diablo I (a bit dated but still good) and Combat is turn based (may take getting used to if your a Real time fanatic, but it works very well) and can get very challenging.


The Real appeal to this game is that while there is a plot to follow you are given an extrordinary amount of leeway in how you get there. Seriously, the game doesn't care what the heck you do, you can be a nice hero and dash around valiently, you can be a complete ass and shoot everything that moves, or you can just play by ear and take any course of action you see fit.


Junker has played both games to complettion I think (I've not gotten far into 1 at all) so If he wouldn't mind posting I think he can give a much better review of part I and a very good one on part II. For now I'll leave you witha couple of shots of the Fabled "Vault-man" who appears gratuitously in the manual and in game character screen. He's classic




*editors note: hi my name is mike and im not good at posting pictures

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Fallout fucking rocks. One of the best computer RPGs ever made, hell one of the best RPGs ever made. Everything about it just kicks ass. The setting is cool, funny, and as original as a post apocalyptic landscape can be. The combat system is one of my favorites. It plays out like X-com and Final Fantasy Tactics, turn based. Aim at people's eyes and groins with a sniper rifle or run up to em with an electric knife and carve em like a turkey. The combat is a perfect mix of basing things on your skill as a player and still making sure that the stats and skills you have matter a whole lot. You can kill some crazy stuff if you're clever, but if you're just dont have the skill and firepower, you should stay away from some stuff. Hell, 90% of the time you dont' even have to fight. You can talk, sneak or think your way out of most of the combat in the game. Character creation is also one of the best systems I've encountered. Heh, pick an intelligence stat of 1 for your character and he can only let out a few monosylabbic grunts, pick a stat of 10 and have good charisma and you'll be able to lie to and sweettalk people. And like TD said, the nonlinearity is great, as you look for the water chip (main quest) you go through all kinds of towns, and at the end of the game you get a recap on who you helped and who you didn't. (Example, one town asks you to get rid of a giant scorpion problem, if you dont, at the end you see a neat picture of a guy etting devoured by a scorpion and a summary of what happened to the town.) And Fallout 2 is pretty much more of the same, they just expand it a bit, for example you can join the slave traders and actually make money by going on missions and gathering up slaves. Of course if you take this job, you literally get branded on the forehead with the slave trader mark and most people dislike you. Lots of depth like that. I could go on for hours, if anybody out there hasn't played these two games yet, go out and grab em now for the low low price mike described. Two of the best RPGs ever created for 10 bucks... can't really beat it.

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