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Talk To Her (habla Con Ella)

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How alive is a coma patient? Alive enough to fall in love with? Well, the fucked up protagonist of "talk to her" seems to think so! Pedro Almodovar, master of Spanish cinema, and master of fucked up soap opera times ten storylines involving lesbian drug addicted nuns, transvistite prostitutes, and pretty much every sexual deviation you can think of, gives us another dose of fucked up shit, this time quite a bit more tame than his other stuff. This one involves two men who are in love with two women, both eventually coma patients (one becomes one a little while in, but it's obvious that it's gonna happen).


This movie is great because the tone is balanced perfectly. The endless tragic plot twists are entertaining as hell, they keep the story moving at all times. And this could make the movie an overwrought sob-fest, but it keeps a sense of humor about it all, but never devolves into a comedy, or a sort of soap opera spoof. We always sympathize for the characters no matter how fucked up they are. So, though it gets pretty funny, you still kinda gasp when a disturbing twist comes. Great stuff, if you can find this playing somewhere, see it! Feel all classy about going to a foreign flick, as trashy and fun as this one might be. Helps if ya know spanish, but it's not that big a deal. I expect Cheif to chime in on this one, I think he likes almodovar too.

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