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I wanted a place to post my thoughts on Kong: Skull Island. Was just gonna make a thread for that, but this is gonna be a bigger thing now.


First off the movie was great. It delivered everything I wanted and a little bit more. The characters are pretty one dimensional, but I think thats why they got such a great cast to play them. The monster action was fantastic and abundant, and the nods to the last Godzilla movie were basically huge plot points that gave a reason to go to the Island. Stay after the credits for a great Marvel type,fist pump teaser. If they keep going like this, we are gonna get some badass movies coming up.


This was tonally a lot different than Godzilla. Lots of humor and just pure fun. I was afraid it was gonna do the bad Suicide Squad music thing, but instead of just randomly flipping through songs there are some cool sequences that come with it.


I hope this following Logan and preceding Beauty and the Beast doesn't hurt its box office cause it deserves it and kaiju fans deserve it and what's in store for the future. It's a good time to be a monster fan.

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Kong Skull Island was fantastic! I saw it in Imax 3D and it was well worth the extra pesos for the ticket. I went to see giant monsters fight each other and that's what I got. The humor and soundtrack were definitely bonus. If you're a fan of 60s/70s rock then this sndtrk is gonna be your jam. It's not as fun as GotG is with it's soundtrack, but it's set in 1973 right after the Vietnam War ended and involves choppers flying of jungles and water, so it's got an appropriately kick ass soundtrack. Also this gives a nod or two to Apocalypse Now in some shots.


Dear Billy,

Dat ending!


With John C. Riley meeting his family shot to look like old 70s film footage with no audio was fucking perfect! The audience in the theater applauded. I was so sure after he gave that speech about wanting to see his family again that he'd die in a most horrible way, but I'm glad he made it and got a happy ending. Cheeky.



Dear Billy,

Dat coda scene!


So as we were waiting to see if there was a post credit's scene my friend was actually reading the credits and saw, "Godzilla, Mothra, ETC. ETC. ETC."


And I was all, "I told you Monarch and that logo were from Godzilla!"


So we had a good idea of what was coming up. It was a longer scene than I expected, but I like how it was cave drawings and no "found footage" type stuff. And then the classic Godjira roar to bring the theater's house lights up. Damnit, what a perfect theater going experience! Although I'm kinda bummed Gareth Edwards won't get to expand on the Godzilla universe he started, I'm amped to see what a "Monsterverse" with Kong, Godzilla, etc. all inhabiting. Oh damn--imagine if Pacific Rim type robots get involved?!?! That would be sweet.


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Dear Billy...King Kong ain't got nuthin' on me!
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