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so a few years ago, WaterMelon games did Pier Solar, an RPG & one of the better aftermarket games to hit the Sega Genesis - you may've heard of it, it was later poted to PSN, XBL, Steam and eventually the Dreamcast.


so, after that, WM announced Project Y (a genesis beat-em-up) and later, Project N, an SNES platformer. things went silent for about the last 3-4 years, with stories of troubled development/resources, no real PR & little information past the genre (for real, i missed the window to pre-order and had to get a friend who'd already invested to grab me a launch copy) and other woes - but we finally have a proper title, screens & a release date!






the cart's said to be 80 Megs of POWER, which explains the Neo-Geo sized characters/pixels.


it's dropping September 16th this year (hopefully!), this year really keeps giving.

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