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So for a good time I never liked the Let's Play thing on youtube. I didn't get it and just thought it was plain annoying. I've softened that view a bit with more level headed YT personalities like Jim Sterling doing his Jimpressions videos which offer a nice spoiler free look at certain games (pretty much locked down a Nier: Automata buy from me in the near future).


Just curious if there were any others out there some of y'all watch or if you just don't touch them generally, which I get. I can't stand Pewdie Pie. And I don't really care for Markiplier, who seems like a cool guy, but I feel like it's too much of an act. He has such a great voice it should be going to other things.


The only other Let's Player I watch Is Dashie. I can understand if people are turned off by him, and at first he was a bit of guilty pleasure for me. He does the whole screaming thing, but he also does a lot of weird things with his style of comedy and just seems pretty genuine. I can't help but like the guy.


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