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Wasn't sure where to put this, so if anyone has a better idea of where this thread should live, feel free to move it!


Now that I've got the Chrome book, I've been much more active with my online activities. One of my new favorites (after Hondos, of course) has become Reddit. I am becoming addicted, but hey, there's worse things out there, right?


I wanted to see what everyone else's favorite sub reddits are? I figure this could be a great place to dump your favorite pictures and screen caps of posts you come across!  I'll link some of the top ones I like to lurk at the moment:






And, of course, r/AskReddit/



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AskReddit is my #1 go-to before I fall asleep. I find a good question and read some of the answers and it helps me unwind at the end of the day. Love me some reddits.


Also, if you're a nosleep fan, check out some of the weird stuff on /r/IIA. One of my favorite series is his "Far too many...." stories ("Runners", I think is the series title). Weird body horror. You'll love it.

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