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Songs About History/Historic Figures


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I love a song that tells a story or describes historical events. Post them here! Please note that songs about fictional characters won't count (Boy Named Sue, Devil went Down to Georgia) real people only please! As fo historic events, the songs can allude to them in different ways. They dont have to be a direct reference.


I've been addicted to this song for the past few weeks


And here's the metal cover

This one is fun also


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This is about a recent historical event but I had to shout out my girl Ana Tijoux. You guys might’ve heard her song 1977 in an episode of Breaking Bad. That song made her more popular in the US. She’s a French-Chilean rapper who is super socially conscious and I love her. 


Her song “Shock” is about the student-led protests in Chile a few years ago. Students went on hunger and work strikes to fight for free education. The song and video are great. 


This video says it's "restricted" when I try to access from a desktop but I can see it on my phone. Of course it would be restricted. The song itself is here but isn't as powerful without the visuals (and if you don't speak Spanish). 



Lyric translation can be found here.  

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