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Not sure if the Americans have got this yet but David Cronenberg's latest offering, filmed in London, followed Ralph Fiennes as a man just released from a mental institution. The film revolves around his flashbacks which piece together why he was sent to the institution all those years ago.


I'm not the biggest Cronenberg fan but I thought this was a poor movie. It started very very sloooowwwwwlllyyyy and never picked up the pace. Any time it showed any spark of Cronenberg-weirdness it just slowed straight back down again. The acting was fine and Fiennes obviously relished the role of a mumbling weirdo but the plot was flat and I never really found myself caring to know more about his background.


Generally overindulgent in all. Perhaps give it a go if you are a die-hard Cronenberg fan but otherwise I wouldn't bother. :D

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i liked ralph in the movie strange days, an overlooked thriller back in the day. From then on, i try to check out what else he's been in. I also saw a movie, i forgot the name, summer vacation or something like that, with joseph fiennes (wonder if they're related?) with that chick from the 13th floor. she's really hot, but the movie is what it was, a sunday afternnoon movie.

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