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Rules & Regulations - 201X


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In an effort to continue fostering discussion in an inclusive environment, the warning system is officially in place - here's the specifics (quoting Stilly, with input of my own):


there are currently 6 warning "types" with various values

  • Initial Warning - 0 points
    • So we can give a quick "hey stop that" without it counting
  • Spamming - 1 point
    • 1 point after the initial warning, and then go from there (this includes continually posting irrelevant info to a thread, posting in bad faith, bumping of old topics likewise without relevant info, drive-by posts, etc)
  • Bigotry - 3 points
    • Self-explanatory - racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia & the like are not to be tolerated.
  • Hostility - 3 points
    • Self-explanatory - attack an argument, not each other 
  • Other - X points (case-by-case basis, and the like)
  • Spam Account - 500 points
  • Abusive Behavior - 500 points


"All of these points (except the last two) automatically expire after seven days. I also have it set up that when the user hits 5 points (currently), they are restricted from posting for a 24-hour period. They can still use the hollabox, unless banned from there.


Now, the last two are insta-bans (hence why they have a crazy point value). At 500 points, an account gets banned from the site, and it's really super unlikely that we're going to just give someone that many warnings in a week anyway. So unless they're a true spam account, or pull some MM stunt/post child porn, they're not going to hit that threshold."


questions are answered here, and the old thread is here.  



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