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Finally! A Forum With Out Jax!!!!


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ok i've look over some of the threads ... and to my suprise Jax is no where to be found.... HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I must vist here more often.....Come to think of it I've givvern up comics.... Allways read them for free... but the IC moved to TEXAS and then i had t buy me own. So i said fook that and never picked up another comic until Alex came over and started lending me his new comics for free. Which by the way were supprizingly good.


I never thought vertigo would recover for losing sandman , preacher , transmet & Books of magic.. but FABLES is a more than adequate replacement. entertaining... lacking real depth somewhat but good. I Recomend it for vertigo lovers. fables3.jpg

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Ive read the first Fables trade, still lookin to read Y: The Last Man. Ive heard between those 2 and 100 Bullets that Vertigo does well these days, i dont read anythin from them on a regular basis outside of Hellblazer. Pretty big shoes to fill between Preacher, Sandman and Transmetropolitan but if youre thinkin this one can do it alone, fuck i oughta read more of it...

Yeah, Alex is great about free comics. Have to send some stuff your way when i can, was thinking you might go for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen when i get the trade - movie comin out soon, and the book's by Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, Swamp Thing, etc) might be up your alley.

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