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So watched this last night. It definitely deserves it's own thread. It's ridiculous, hilarious, unsettling and over the top. One of the most fun movies I've watched in awhile. And when I say hilarious, I don't mean like how The Wickerman is funny.

It's legitimately great, and the director takes full advantage of the Cage Madness. It's just a fucking awesome movie.

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I'm pretty out of the loop this year for new movies. Hadn't heard of this one. Here's the trailer if anyone else is clueless:



I still have no idea what to make of it, and if I'd just seen the trailer without seeing/hearing what appear to be stellar reviews across the board, I don't think I'd have given this a second look. I prefer a more minimal style of filmmaking and this looks anything but. I'm open to it, though. 



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