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Didn't see a Topic on it but this one's worth the look. I despise EA but this was made very much in spite of them and shows it. Monetization isn't predatory (aside from lootboxes but you can direct purchase everything) and gameplay is phenomenal. All 3 man squad play, no solo with abilities a la Overwatch. I tend to play Lifeline whose passive is reviving downed teammates faster and with a directional shield and her active is a drone that heals nearby teammates. Her "Ult" is a called in supply drop that always has at least one top tier support item or weapon attachment.

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Gib is solid you just have to know how/when to take point and your squad needs to know when to let you. I tend to main LIfeline or Bangalore but Pathfinder and Wraith are fun too. Pathfinder gets the most fun when you realize you can use the grapple to "swing"


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