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Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield


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  • 4 weeks later...

Well, downloaded the 200+MB demo & tried it out.... I'm not convinced on this one.


The game has switched engines, from its own R6 engine to the Unreal system. The graphics have definitely improved, the way each character kicks the bucket has MADLY improved, the look of the levels seems pretty cool & interactive... but, something's missing. I'll have to play it more & let you guys know later...

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Jesus, isnt it Rainbow Seven by now?? People, aftter 20 fakin expansions, you gotta move on!


...that's for all the years of chiefy comin by my dorm "god...dammit! How the fuck do you have a chapter fuckin 12 of a "Final" fantasy?! TELL ME!"


Anyway, if the engine changed, what game is it like now?

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Here's what I can tell is the difference:


+ Graphics, colors & effects are WAY up in quality & animation performance. More movements added, characters look more realistic.


+ If you get hit w/ a flashbang, your hearing turns into nothing but a ring and you go blind, then slowly everything blurs itself back to normal. If you hit a tear gas, your char starts to cough & can't aim right.


- Characters seem a "bit" too stocky, get in the way alot, in Rogue Spear, it seemed that they had done a good job working with that, now it seems to be a problem again in the demo.


- Characters seem really dumb. Before, if you entered a room, they'd clear it, now they just stand there... pretty sad to take a step back in AI.


+ Cool feature of point & click, you can direct people to places by lighting up the floor w/ your mouse & ordering people to perform tasks at the highlighted spot you picked... reminds me of SWAT3.

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