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International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees strikes for better conditions

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IATSE has never gone on strike before, and a strike authorization vote does not mean that a strike will happen this time. But it does show that IATSE is being more aggressive about issues that have lingered over many past negotiations, including long workdays and lower rates for “new media,” without getting resolved.

IATSE negotiators are seeking greater accommodation for rest breaks and longer turnaround times between production hours. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers — which represents the major studios, including Netflix and Amazon — has refused to make concessions that would shorten the workday, which would significantly raise the studios’ costs.

The strike authorization vote is expected to begin on Oct. 1, with results announced on Oct. 4. If approved, IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb would have the power to call a strike if further negotiations fail to produce an agreement.

A resounding “yes” vote would be seen as giving the union’s negotiators greater leverage at the bargaining table. But calling a vote also carries the risk that a “no” vote, or an underwhelming “yes” vote, could undermine the union’s position.

The vote would likely be two votes — one covering the Basic Agreement and one for the Area Standards Agreement. The Basic Agreement covers the 13 IATSE locals based on the “West Coast,” which have about 47,000 members in total


petition's here as well


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