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The Dangerous Lives Of Alter Boys

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This is a movie about a group of Catholic school kids in the seventies. Unless your paying attention however, you don't realize it's the seventies. It pretty honest and accurate as to how the bored, rebelious, non-goody two shoes Catholic school boys talk and act (drawing from my experience as an atheist Catholic school boy in 7th and 8th grade). They're about 14, I think, and all of them love comic books and they draw a book together with all their alter-ego character of themselves that fight Peg-Leg, the evil motocycle-riding nun, the alter-ego of their teacher, who has a peg leg, played by Jodie Foster. As a parallel to the story, there is about 15 minutes of interlaced Todd MacFarlane animated fantasy world of their comic creation, The Atomic Trinity. It stars Kieran Culkin, Maculey's younger brother (not the same one from Signs, another brother, the one that did Igby Goes Down). This was a sweet movie, it came out last July, and I wanted to see it, but it went in and out of theaters while I was accidently taking a fifteen minute nap. So I picked up the DVD and am glad I did.


I recommend it to anyone who liked Donnie Darko, Igby Goes Down, Tadpole or Y Tu Mama Tambien, as it has the same honest non-teen movie representation of teens.


Anyone in the Miami area that wants to borrow it, just ask. This mostly an offer to Junker, since I don't think anyone else would be interested, but anyone's welcome.



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