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Bikini Karate Babes


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Bikini Karate Babes


Ok, i downloaded this demo @ FIU and burned it to a CD a few days ago. Needless to say i was crying & laughing at the same time. This has to be one of the worst fighting games of all time... right up there w/ Street Fighter the Movie the Video Game. The girls fondle themselves & each other all the time, which is nothing to complain about, but it gets old quick. If you have 220+ MB to spare, try the demo out & laugh.

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"Imagine the worst game you've ever played. This one's crap, plus that."


This thing looks so awful its funny. some review highlights, then some screenshots.


Bikini Karate Babes does teach us one thing though... If you have a video camera, a backyard, a terrible idea, and one hundred and twelve dollars to blow, you too can get girls to wear bathing suits and do things, like fight and lie down.


The only gripe I have with the graphics is that they exist. How can one background layer and poor video take up 2.5 gigs? Nevertheless, some of the character models are nicely done. Good one, God.


I've played a lot of fighting games... This is easily one of the best contenders for the much vaunted "worst thing ever" crown. Do you like punching and kicking? You won't like this.




see, when i say i "spank" chiefy in street fighter, its nothin like this here.



and my personal favorite




why not just redo leisure suit larry and get straight to the point (no pun intended)?

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